Housework, Hygiene, & Hobbies

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Enjoy these 3 totally FREE trainings on how to get sh*t done, especially when it comes to housework, hygiene, and hobbies. Stop putting off tasks for weeks that end up taking literally 7 minutes. You can do it, I promise. You just need to learn to work WITH your brain.

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Learn about Junebugging, the "smallest area first" method, and externalizing motivation strategies to make housework just a little less miserable, and a lot more doable.


Let's talk about how to improve your personal hygiene through habit stacking, working with your brain, and focusing on your needs, rather than others' expectations.


Learn about how to engage with your special interests, talk about your hobbies, and create flexible structure that doesn't make you feel boxed in.

Get the pre-recorded trainings now: