It's time to get sh*t done.

One of the hardest parts of being autistic, ADHD, or both is the struggle to actually do what you want to do.

But you don't have to feel trapped by your brain anymore.

You're ready to move forward. You're ready to be productive. You're ready to Get Sh*t Done.

The Get Sh*t Done Program

An inclusive community-based program for ADHDers, autistic folks, auDHDers, and more!

Whether you're professionally diagnosed, self-diagnosed, or just suspect that you might be ADHD, autistic, and more, you're welcome here.

What is executive dysfunction?

It's that feeling when you want to do something, you're actively trying to do something, and you just...can't.

You're not lazy, you're not broken, your brain is just a little different. And I can help you work with it, instead of constantly fighting against it.

Examples of executive dysfunction:

  • Sitting on the edge of your bed in a towel for an hour after you shower, unable to get up and get dressed.
  • Scrolling through your phone, bored out of your mind, when you'd rather be reading or painting or doing anything else really.
  • Having to rewash your clothes over and over because you keep forgetting you've got laundry in the washing machine and now they're all stinky.

I'll be honest:

The Get Sh*t Done program won't "cure" your executive dysfunction.

But it will help.

A lot.

How can I be so sure?

Because these strategies are what helped me, and plenty of other people who have already joined the program.

Here are some folks who have worked with me and gotten the results they wanted:

"Megan has the incredible ability to take my chaotic ramblings, find the core themes within my distress, and come up with a clear, manageable plan for approaching what feels like the impossible!"

Rowan R.

"It’s rare to find someone who has great practical tools who also makes me feel understood and seen."

Cybil K.

"When I signed up, I wasn’t sure what to expect, and I wasn’t sure how much improvement I would see. But looking back from the start of the program to now, I’ve been able to do things more consistently and my self-talk is miles ahead of where it was."

Andi K.

The results don't lie.

I used to feel like a puppet being controlled by my executive dysfunction. I felt trapped inside my own head, unable to do anything I wanted to do.

And now my brain and I are a team. We work together to get sh*t done and I feel in control of my life.

Life after the Get Sh*t Done Program can look like:

  • Consistently chipping away at big projects so you don't have to do the whole thing at the last minute anymore.
  • Doing boring stuff like dishes or laundry without wanting to crawl out of your own skin.
  • Feeling confident in your ability to live your life on your terms, not being held hostage by your own brain.

So . . . what is the Get Sh*t Done Program exactly??

It's a community-based program that combines pre-recorded video lessons with weekly live group coaching calls to help you get sh*t done, your way.

Watch the videos on your own schedule.

Come get your questions answered on the Zoom calls.

Connect with other neurodivergent folks in the Discord community.

You'll get results using the Functional Freedom Framework:

So many coaches focus solely on self-love, as if loving myself will make me not have ADHD anymore and suddenly be able to accurately perceive time.

On the other hand, some other coaches focus solely on the practical elements, claiming that their unique planner is all you need to really be productive and stick to it this time.

I take a different approach. The Functional Freedom Framework combines emotional intelligence with practical tools, and helps you implement both within a supportive community, and let me tell you, it WORKS.

Emotional Intelligence

One of the quickest ways to get more done is to have patience and love for yourself in the process. If beating yourself up worked, it would have worked by now.

Practical Tools

Stop listening to the neurotypicals' advice for productivity and start learning how to work with your ADHD/autistic/auDHD brain on a practical level.


Doing all this work on your own is hard, if not impossible. Let's connect you with other people who just...get it.


We're doing a LIVE round of this program starting March 18th!

What does that mean?

It means that in addition to being able to watch the video lessons on your own time, whenever you like, you can also attend live teaching sessions!

(Plus there will be all kinds of bonuses, like body doubling, EFT tapping, and more!)

Teaching sessions will take place on Wednesdays at 2pm Eastern starting the week of March 18th!

(Seeing this after March 18th? Don't worry, this program is still open all the time, come join us!)

The Lessons:

Welcome to the program!

  • A brief overview of what executive dysfunction is
  • What you can expect to get out of the program
  • Setting goals for what you want to achieve through these modules and coaching

Let's talk about how ADHD, autism, and other neurodivergencies affect EVERYTHING.

  • Realizing that being neurodivergent is often traumatizing
  • Realizing both the good and the bad of your neurodivergence
  • Realizing how executive dysfunction has affected all parts of your life

It's time to picture a world where you can be successful YOUR way.

  • Reimagining what success is allowed to look like (hint: it doesn’t have to be a white picket fence!)
  • Reimagining ways to do things so that it works with your brain
  • Realizing that our systems have failed us, not the other way around

Feel your feelings, be yourself, get sh*t DONE.

  • Reconnecting to your body instead of dissociating
  • Reconnecting to both positive and negative feelings
  • Reconnecting to others

Take the mask OFF.

  • How to safely and gently unmask
  • Restoring your sense of self
  • Recentering yourself on who you truly are instead of who society expects you to be

Screw "willpower," let's talk about EXTERNALIZING motivation.

  • Our first practical skill, external motivation
  • How to outsource motivation instead of relying on willpower alone
  • Body doubling, visual timers, and more

It's time to learn THE most effective cleaning strategy for all kinds of neurodivergent brains.

  • The “junebugging” strategy for fighting executive dysfunction, especially while cleaning
  • Allowing for distraction without shame
  • How to account for potential pitfalls

Small wins lead directly to BIG wins.

  • Neurotypical advice that just doesn’t work
  • What you can do instead
  • How to build momentum to tackle intimidating tasks


  • Celebrating your wins and feeling proud deep in your bones
  • Reflecting on your progress
  • How to maintain the success you’ve found through the program

Live Zoom Coaching Calls Every Week

Zoom isn't just for boring work meetings that could have been an email.

It's an amazing way to connect with other people who understand your struggles with executive dysfunction, productivity, self-worth, and so much more.

And best of all? You get access to these weekly calls for the life of the program. As long as the Get Sh*t done Program exists, there will be weekly calls and you can attend.

Discord Community

Learning on our own is hard. So let's make it easier by adding some friends to the mix.

Everyone in the Get Sh*t Done Program is welcome to join our private Discord community, where we can share wins, ask for advice, and get reminders before the coaching calls!

And just like the calls, you get access to the Discord community for the life of the program, so as long as it exists, the community will be there for you.

Ongoing Access

Just to make sure you didn't miss it, you don't get access to the lessons and calls and community for 3 months or 6 months or even a year.

You get access to them for as long as this program exists.

And I promise that if I do ever decide to close down the Get Sh*t Done Program, you will retain access to the lessons, calls, and community for at least another 6 months.


So the Get Sh*t Done Program comes with lessons, coaching calls, and a community (plus the LIVE round starting March 18!!!) but as a huge thank you for investing in this program, I also want to offer you some bonuses!

30-minute Individual Coaching Call

$100 value

All of the coaching calls offered in the Get Sh*t Done Program are group calls, but as a thank you for signing up, I want to offer you a totally free 1:1 call with me, available to book any time after purchase.

Autism & ADHD Discovery Binders

$40 value

Struggling to figure out your diagnosis? These digital discovery binders might be able to help. They cannot diagnose you, just as I cannot diagnose you, but each one comes with links to reliable self-assessments, a spreadsheet to track your traits and symptoms, and a list of links to full scholarly articles.

Additional Executive Dysfunction Course

$97 value

Need even more guidance when it comes to executive dysfunction? Then this bonus was made for you. It walks you through the 8 executive functions, how they can go wrong, and how you can cope.

Personalized Resource Packet

$20 value

When you join the program, you'll fill out an intake questionnaire, and based on your answers, I'll put together a personalized list of books, podcasts, YouTube channels, and so much more that might help you in your specific situation.

Value of Bonuses: $257

And you can get them for FREE 🤩

Hi, I'm Megan.

My name is Megan and I'm an auDHD life coach for the neurocurious. I'm certified from Transformation Academy, but honestly, a lot of my coaching comes from my lived experience as an autistic ADHDer.

I used to struggle massively with executive dysfunction. Now I only struggle with it somewhat. If you live with executive dysfunction, you know what a huge difference that really is.

And it’s all thanks to the Functional Freedom Framework I teach in this program. I want to pass on this knowledge to every neurodivergent person in the world, because we don’t deserve to hate our brains. We don’t deserve to struggle endlessly, functioning just enough for life to be livable but totally and completely miserable.

We deserve more. Let’s go get it together.

Book a free call with me to see if the Get Sh*t Done program is a good fit for you:

Here's what current members of the Get Sh*t Done Program had to say:

"Neurodivergent Magic has been a valuable experience for me. Megan is kind, insightful, and a great coach. Her passion for this topic really shines through. She has a great way of breaking topics down and tailoring them to each group member's specific needs, as well as being extremely knowledgeable and an amazing broker of resources."

Denise A.

"This coaching is great, I am someone that experiences a lot of executive dysfunction, and in the first few sessions I was able to clear a part of my kitchen that I wanted to clean for months and that was causing me functionality issues, It helped me also to feel like I belong somewhere."

Paty I.

You Get All This:

Weekly Group Coaching Calls ($200 value per call)

9 Video Modules ($900 value)

Discord Community ($50 value)

30-Minute 1:1 Call ($100 value)

Autism & ADHD Discovery Binders ($40 value)

Self-Paced Executive Dysfunction Course ($97 value)

Personalized Resource Packet ($20 value)

Lifetime Access (priceless)

Total Value: $4,607

(value calculated based on 17 group coaching calls, because the LIVE round will be 17 weeks long)

⬇️⬇️⬇️ Actual Price ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Equitable Pricing Options

My goal is to make this program as financially accessible as possible, while also honoring the time, effort, and love that I pour into it. In order to do that, there are three pricing options available based on what you can reasonably afford (this pricing structure, including some of the language describing who is the best fit for each option, is inspired by Emily Anne Brant's pricing model and language).


$ 697

3- and 6-month payment plans available

This option is reduced by $300 to make the program more accessible for you if:

  • You need to be more productive to make more income, but can't afford the base price of this program to be more productive (trapped in the vicious cycle)
  • You are oppressed in ways that affect your earning power (AKA, you are a member of the global majority, or a disabled person receiving benefits that impose a strict asset limit, or hold any other marginalized identity)
  • You are a college student who would be paying for this program largely or entirely on your own
  • You live in a country with an unfavorable exchange rate for USD

3-month payment plan: $233/month

6-month payment plan: $117/month



$ 997

3- and 6-month payment plans available

This is the base price of the program and covers the costs of my time via coaching, the pre-made resources available in the course, the paid version of Zoom, and the paid course hosting platform I use. This option is likely right for you if:

  • You hold white privilege and therefore earning power
  • Paying this price in no way jeopardizes your basic needs
  • You are disabled in a way that reduces your earning power, but you are not on a fixed income and/or do not have an asset limit set by your disability benefits

3-month payment plan: $335/month

6-month payment plan: $170/month



3- and 6-month payment plans available

This price is increased by $300 to help pay for all of the things outlined in the Base Price, AND help support a Community Member spot. You should choose this option if:

  • You have no major debts
  • You own property
  • You can afford both basic needs and casual desires with relative ease
  • You want to help someone who needs a Community Member spot afford this program
  • Paying this price, either in full or through a payment plan, does not place much, if any, financial strain on you at this time

3-month payment plan: $433/month

6-month payment plan: $217/month

Oh, and by the way...

...the program comes with a 2-week, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee.

You're welcome to join for 2 weeks, test it out, and if it's not for you, I'll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

Okay, let's break that pricing down real quick:

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the program start?

The program starts whenever you join! You can watch the modules at your own pace, and jump on the Monday support calls any time you like! But we are also running a LIVE round of the program starting March 18th, 2024 if you want increased support!

What if I'm non-speaking or too nervous to talk on the calls?

No worries! We make good use of the chat feature, so you can still get coached that way. And even if you don’t get coached directly, you might be surprised at how much you get out of watching others get coached!

Who is this program for?

This program is for adults only (18+) who struggle with executive dysfunction, negative self-talk, and accepting their ADHD, autism, auDHD, or otherwise neurodivergent brain. This is for people who feel like nothing has helped so far, but are ready to give it one more shot. I want to help, you just have to meet me halfway.

Is this therapy?

Nope, this is definitely not therapy, nor is it a replacement for therapy. This is a coaching program. As your coach, I cannot diagnose or treat, but I can help you cope.

Do I need a professional diagnosis to join?

Not at all!!! Professional diagnosis and self-diagnosis are both totally valid, and people who are still exploring are more than welcome as well. This program is for anyone who feels their brain works in a way that often makes it hard to be productive when taking traditional productivity advice.

Can this program actually help me? I feel so broken.

Yes, it really can. A huge part of this program is focusing on those feelings of brokenness so that you can heal and feel whole. I know it's cheesy, but things really can get better.

You can scroll through ADHDtok or autistiktok for hours, but until you take some kind of action, nothing is going to change.

I know that's easier said than done,

which is why I'm here to help.

You're ready for a better quality of life.

You're ready to stop beating yourself up and actually LIKE the way your brain works (most of the time).

You're ready to Get Sh*t Done.

I'll see you soon.

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