Track all aspects of your mental health in one convenient (and colorful!) tracker.

If you're tired of mood trackers that expect you to only have one mood per day (like, seriously??) or don't help you track elements that affect your mood, like sleep, substances, and more, then look no further.

This mental health tracker is the solution.

Part One: The Mood Tracker

Color Wheel Model

Instead of trying to rank your mood on a scale of one to ten (boring & hard), what if you assigned each mood a color, then colored in a color wheel each day, resulting in a rainbow of moods at the end of each month?

Track It All

The color wheel allows you to not only track several moods per day, but also hours of sleep gotten the night before, caffeine & alcohol intake, and suicidal ideation. These are essential for having an accurate understanding of how your mental health is doing.

Moods Reflection

In addition to the mood color wheel, the mood tracking aspect of this product also comes with a reflection page to fill out at the end of each month, to help you better understand what you actually felt and what events might have affected your mood.

Part Two: The Habit Tracker

Track morning & evening habits

Stop tracking random habits just for the sake of checking off a box. Start tracking the things you actually need to do in the morning and before bed, like taking meds or brushing teeth (it's okay if you need to track this, even as an adult!)

Part Three: The Trigger Tracker

What is a "trigger"?

A trigger is something that causes someone to relive past trauma.

Why bother tracking triggers?

Before I started tracking my triggers, I honestly thought I was just an emotional mess for no reason. After tracking, I realized there were very real triggers causing my emotional volatility.

What is a trigger NOT?

A trigger is not something mildly upsetting, an overreaction, or a joke.

What's included in the trigger tracker?

Track what happened, how it made you feel, and how you coped.

Get the tracker now:

Hi there, I'm Megan, life coach and professional emotional disaster.

I tracked my mood using this system every single day for several years, and it literally changed my life.

I had no idea how I was feeling, how often I was feeling it, or why I was feeling that way until I started tracking. I just thought of myself as a big emotional mess.

And I mean, I am, but at least now I know WHY, which means I feel much more in control of my situation, even if I can't always control how I feel.

Now, I can control how I respond, which is game-changing.

I sincerely hope this mental health tracker changes your life the way it's changed mine.

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